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Discover the science of intermittent fasting

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Experience weight loss without the hassle of restrictive diets, and let Fasting Tracker & Timer be your reliable companion


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Experience better concentration

Enhanced Brain Function

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Personal Fasting Plan

Ignite fat burning

Accelerated Metabolism

I’m Carley Brown

This is the best app I’ve found for beginners. So easy to use and though they offer the paid version often, you can use the free version and get great results. Highly recommend!


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Success Stories

“Easy and straight forward to use and understand. about time someone focused on what a user actually wants rather than bells and whistles

Naylorom Cooll Whip,

“A great app. I’ve used other popular fasting apps but found the, more cluttered and less useful as the years passed. I am really enjoying the functionality of this app”

Gennicsfer Chan133,

"A lovely application that has an implicit way of encouraging you to stay on track with your fast through the impressive countdown timer. Brilliant!"

Dodiee Bentley555

"The free app is good for me, a newcomer to fasting. Simple, interesting and easy to use. There are several fasting plans to choose"

James cakurn1211

"makes fasting a breeze, with a lot of helpful information and motivation every step of the way. would recommend to people just starting out, or seasoned veterans."

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